Saving Animals & Finding Homes

Pearl’s Place was named after Pearl, a 12+ year old yellow lab that I pulled from the Harker Heights, TX animal shelter the day before she was to be euthanized.  Pearl lived with us and loved to be in the grooming shop until she passed away 4 years after she was rescued.  During the outbreak of COVID and the grooming business having to be closed for a while, I was left pondering what to do with the empty boarding kennels and I decided to officially register Pearl’s Place as a 501c3 nonprofit, which was IRS official in February 2021.  My focus is senior and other special needs dogs to have a place to recover, heal mentally, physically and decompress.  

We take in all kinds of special needs dogs at Pearl’s Place; dogs with demodectic mange, bacterial, yeast or fungal infections, long term shelter residents, and even dogs from the street that are found and no one will claim.  Since 2018, under the guidance and training of Dr. Faver and Suzanne Marchetti, I have been using top-quality products from Iv San Barnard that are imported from Italy, along with the revolutionary hydro-massage ozone bath.  The shampoo and hydro-massage ozone bath helps to heal the dog’s skin that have demodectic mange, bacterial, yeast or fungal infections, to name just a few.  We have recently added another qualified pet aesthetician to Pearl’s Place so we can help even more dogs get the care they need.   

Recently we brought Rusty into Pearl’s Place.  He’s a young male that was at the Humane Society of Central Texas animal shelter in Waco, TX and had been there for over 400 days.  Rusty is our ambassador for all dogs that were less fortunate and won’t make it out of the shelter alive.  He was lucky to have landed in Waco because they worked so hard with him to be able to have his forever home, didn’t give up on him and he even had his own trainer!  We can’t thank them enough for giving him the chance and seeing in him what others didn’t and we will continue working with him from here.  Once he has had the opportunity to decompress, live with other dogs and see what it’s like to have a home, a job or whatever else you want to give him, he will make someone a great companion. 

Our goal now is to raise enough money to build a state-of-the-art boarding and rehabilitation center that is fully fenced to protect the dogs from the road and give them plenty of space to run and be the dog they deserve to be.  The new building will also have a special place for the senior dogs and a visitor center for all the loving our dogs deserve!