Beaumont Time!

For the next few weeks, I reached out to Lisa to come and see the dogs – a lot!!!  I never wanted to be a nuisance and asked her every time if I was interfering with her home life, because I knew with the dogs she probably didn’t get a lot of personal time; and I was right.  I was always welcomed and never made to feel I was interfering or a nuisance and she had no problem finding me a task and I loved it!  

During the time between the Mexia pups and Roscoe & Maxine, Lisa got a few dogs in and I always wanted to go on a rescue to follow it from the very beginning, from the initial contact with the dogs, to final adoption.  Like I said, I never wanted to be a pain to Lisa and didn’t think I would ever get the chance to actually go on a “road trip” to rescue a pup.  

Well, on October 28, Lisa and I headed out to Beaumont, LA to pick up Roscoe and Maxine!!  I was up at the crack of dawn because I was so excited, oh wait, I’m always up at the crack of dawn! LOL  Anyway, I got dressed in jeans, which I hate to wear, a nice sweater, what in the love of god was I thinking, and headed to Pearl’s Place ready for our adventure!  Turns out we couldn’t leave until after lunch because Lisa was busy working, but that was ok, Beaumont wasn’t that far, we wouldn’t be too silly late…again, what in the love of god was I thinking!!  So, we loaded up after lunch and headed out on our road trip.  The entire drive, I’m thinking how excited I was, how fun this was going to be to get the dogs and be there for the start of their journey of healing!  How right I was!  Not only did we laugh the entire way up there, but the entire way back with those goofy boxer dogs Roscoe and Maxine.  If you know me, you know I’m a “little” directionally challenged, and Lisa found out the hard way!!  I told her to leave the navigation to me – I had Google maps, it was good, I got it!  Famous last words and to this day, we laugh about the dark road that “I” led us down and how much longer the trip was then it should’ve been! I still blame the Google Maps, but I was just following the “expert”! LOL   

Oh and the nice sweater that I wore that day is now plucked from dog claws and I learned a very valuable lesson that day, dogs don’t care what you look like, it’s your attention and love they care about!  Dress down, hair up, smile on your face and love in your heart is all you need!! 

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