Hi there everyone! My name is Sky and my brother, Duke and I were brought to Pearl’s Place after our daddy fell on hard times. We don’t blame him because we know that he really loved us a lot and just wanted us to have more attention and a better life. Duke found his forever home already and now I’m looking for mine! I’m a pretty laid-back kind of girl, I love to cuddle up to you and get along with other dogs and cats. I love to play with kids too and an all-around good girl! I would love to be like my brother and find my forever home. Would you please give me a chance and open your home to me? I promise to be a good girl and bring you so much joy!!


Hi everyone!!!  My name is OJ, sometimes they call me “Fat Boy”!! It doesn’t hurt my feelings because I’m a happy guy that likes to eat….and who doesn’t?!

I have to be on special diet food because I’m so short, no laughing, and I need to lose some weight.  

I was at the shelter twice and the second time my real family didn’t come to get me.  I had skin issues like really bad acne on a teenager, so I was brought to Pearl’s Place on September 4th, 2020.

I had all my shots and I was free of Heartworms, yahoo!!!  Whatever that means, I just keep hearing that a lot around here.  

I don’t get the same food as my friends, because I’m what the Doctor called Obese. Another one of those fancy words.  What ever it is I’m still happy.  I feel special because I get special everything.  

I get 2 special Hydro massages with something called Ozone added and my special skin shampoo and conditioner.  Lots of specials for me.


Hi, I’m Petunia. I came to Pearl’s Place on January 23rd after my lengthy 7 month vacation at Bastrop County Animal Center. I like to say vacation because they really did treat me so good there, even though I was their longest resident, they still believed in me because I’m already fully trained and love all people! I’m a very sweet and lovable dog and I’m pretty confident I saw some of them crying when I left because they were so happy for me! They told me I’m a huge cuddle bug, but don’t let me cuddle any cats or chickens, because those are my biggest weakness! I love to run around chasing a ball and can play with toys for hours, but when you tell me to stop, I will because I’m a good listener. I have very good sniffing nose and would love to train doing nose work activities. Lisa took me into Petco and I couldn’t get enough of all the smells in there! I had to sniff everything more then once to make sure it was legit and safe for everyone. Would you be willing to open your home to me so I can finally have my forever. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to curl up on my very own couch and I would sure love do it again!


Hi, I’m Daisy.  I’m not as young as the other pups at Pearl’s Place.  I arrived here on December 12, just in time to spend one of my best Christmas days ever!  I’ve been told that I’m a geriatric…that hurts my feeling because I don’t feel like one!  I know I have some medical issues, but the great news is I’m not heartworm positive!  I do have a lot of skin issues, but they are working on that here at Pearl’s Place and I just know before long my skin will look better then it did when I came in! 

I was found on a dirt road where there were no houses around and I was in pretty bad condition.  I’ve been enjoying spa days here and I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a spa day!  As much as I love my spa days, what I really dream of is a home to call my own that I can live out the remainder of my years, as limited as they are, on a warm cozy couch, with not a care where my next meal is coming from.  Please help me fulfil that dream and open your home to me. 

I’m a pretty chill older dog with front teeth that have been grinded down to the root, probably because of my scratching all the time and maybe because I was tied up and I kept trying to get away from whatever I was tied with. I can’t really tell them what that was, but sometimes I sure wish I could talk to them! I would tell them how grateful I am for a second chance and how much better I feel being with them.

I sleep quite a bit, but that doesn’t mean I won’t love the company of your warm house and couch! Please consider fostering me in your home, I’m really easy to get along with and you won’t be sorry!


Hi everyone! My name is Stoney and I’m a big ‘ole baby that just loves people!  I’m one of the lucky ones, Miss Lisa here at Pearl’s Place pulled me from the shelter on December 18 because she thinks I’m special and handsome!!  I’m still so very young at heart and they say I’m 5, still a toddler I’m sure!  I do like people so much that when you come visit me, I jump and get excited!!!  I’m working really hard on learning to control my excitement because I keep being told I’m too big to do that!!  I know once I get into my own home, I will calm way down because once I’m the center of your attention, I’m a really good boy!  

Oh, did Lisa tell you, I love to walk myself!  Not unsupervised because that’s just dangerous, but when it’s walk time, I will go get my leash in my mouth and take it to the door, so you know the way out!  I have been known to try and take my kennel mates for a walk too!  One time, I took Freeway and she happily came with me!  I think it’s because she’s deaf and she didn’t hear everyone laughing at us, but I thought that was pretty funny! 

Will you open your doors for a big goofy boy like me?  I sure hope so because I have a lot of love to give and will do whatever you want me to if you will just give me the chance!


Hi, I’m Princess. I came to Pearl’s Place on November 24 after being pulled from the Waco shelter. I have what is called elephant skin and that just means that once I lost my fur because of flea bite dermatitis, my hair never grew back and my skin just kept getting thicker…like an elephant. It’s really itchy all the time, but my spa days twice a week and my oil twice is day is slowing breaking it down and eventually my fur will grow back. On the plus side, I am heartworm negative!

I’m a pretty chill older dog with front teeth that have been grinded down to the root, probably because of my scratching all the time and maybe because I was tied up and I kept trying to get away from whatever I was tied with. I can’t really tell them what that was, but sometimes I sure wish I could talk to them! I would tell them how grateful I am for a second chance and how much better I feel being with them.

I sleep quite a bit, but that doesn’t mean I won’t love the company of your warm house and couch! Please consider fostering me in your home, I’m really easy to get along with and you won’t be sorry!


Hi my name is Sadie.  I’ve been at Pearl’s Place since December 19 and was brought here by a wonderful lady that took me in after she found me dumped.  I have demodectic mange and while I know that spa days are good for me, I hate the water! I can’t tell them why because I can’t talk in their language, but I’m sure to let them know in other ways that a spa day is NOT my favorite!  I don’t bite, I just keep trying to jump out of the bath and put my legs on the side of tub!  I really give them a workout on spa days! 

I have this really cool unique tongue – it’s black and that makes me a Chow cross with something, I don’t know what and I don’t care!  I just know I’m the only kid on the block with a black tongue and that makes me pretty darn cool!  I’m still a little scared of people, but once you know me, you will see my sweet side.  Lisa and her crew have been so good to me and are really bringing me out of my shell, but I would truly love a place for myself and be able to run outside – it’s the place where I’m happy! Do you have some acreage that we could run around on – I bet it would be a blast! 


Special Needs

Hi, I’m Maxine.  I came to Pearl’s Place on October 28 with my brother Roscoe.  I’m pretty sure you read his story because he likes to have all the attention – boys are like that you know!  I’m a pretty quiet girl and have been getting treatment for my skin and possible cancer on my leg.  I try really hard not to lick it, but sometimes I have to because I want it to go away so I can be healthy and find a home for myself.  Like my brother, I am heartworm positive but don’t let that worry you because with monthly pills, that will go away! 

Because I came in with my brother, we like to be next to each other in our beds, but that doesn’t mean I want to stay with him forever!! I would really to be in a home that I don’t have to share with him because he’s so loud and obnoxious when his kennel door is closed!  We should love our siblings, but come one, enough with the attention hogging!! 

Please consider me if you are looking for someone to share your days with, I really am such a good girl and get along with all dogs.  I like to wear pajama’s so you can even dress me up if you want! 


We pulled Beau from a local shelter because he had been returned because of dog aggression and his time was almost up.  We have found that he is a true uneducated puppy that has had no training to speak of and no self-esteem.  Since being at Pearl’s Place, we have found that he is dog selective with his aggression and it appears to be more when he feels threatened or overwhelmed.  He would do great in a home that is active, can be firm with his training and would love for his new friend Friday to be adopted with him!  They get on absolutely great and love to play with each other!  He truly is a beauty that deserves a chance at happiness, as they all do.    

Freeway II

Freeway II was brought into a local shelter as a stray and we found to have demodectic manger and severe inflammation of her feet.  We don’t really know her story, other then she’s pretty shy, but once she gets to you know you, a complete sweetheart.  Once she’s completely healed, she will need to be spayed and then will be looking for her forever home. 


Nova is the sweetest Momma that is lovingly looking after her 6 beautiful puppies.  She came to us after her owner surrendered her to someone else, who then reached out to us to help her with her skin condition.  She was chained up outside and only fed every 2-3 days and at the age of 2, she just had her 3rd and last litter.  She so very calm, gentle and such a sweetheart.  Once her babies have been weaned, she will be looking for her forever home and whoever adopts her, will be getting a true doll. 

Gracey Blue

Gracey Blue came to us from a local shelter and is just as sweet as can be!  She was found as a stray and no one came to get her, but she clearly has been in a home before because she sits and waits patiently for us to feed her, she’s gentle taking treats from our hand and gets along great with other dogs.  


I don’t think we really need to say anything about Rusty!  He’s quite the celebrity and his reputation precedes him!  


Adara is a little over a year old.  This beautiful girl came to us from her foster home that was unable to care of her any longer.  Adara gets along with all of our dogs here, loves her cuddles with humans and is interested in cats, but hasn’t shown any inappropriate behavior.  She is very good on lease and loves to ride in the car!! 


Spartacus is a 1.5year old bull terrier/heeler cross.  This young man is a character and acts like was has been on his own for most of his life.  Since being here at Pear’s Place, he has been vaccinated, microchipped, is heartworm negative and neutered.  He enjoys playing with all the dogs and loves to pet as long as it doesn’t interfere with his agenda! 


Hi, I’m Freda and if Honey thinks she is the shyest one, she is wrong.  I was found as a stray and taken to a shelter and had been there a couple of months, then the big freeze happened.  The shelter that I was at lost power and water and the dogs needed to be moved to another location or euthanized.  I was lucky and landed up at the Harker Heights animal shelter and was pulled by Lisa.  I was only there for a short time and got adopted by a couple in Killeen who had another dog.  Unfortunately, I was just too shy for them and they felt I would be better off back at Pearl’s Place.  I’m happy here, but one day I dream of having my own home that I can grow in and learn to not be afraid of everything – especially the wind!  I walk great on a leash, I like all dogs, I potty outside and I love my food!  I’m a small girl, only about 30lbs if that, so would you have a comfy couch for me to lay on and call your home my forever?

Jim Bob

I’m a senior that used to have a home, I think, but when I was found as a stray on March 15th, I was taken to the shelter and unfortunately my mom and dad didn’t come and pick me up, so I was pulled by Lisa at Pearl’s Place on April 29.  I’m heartworm negative, have all my shots, I’m neutered and good with other dogs and people.  I’ve been told I’m a great dane mix, but I’m not really sure what I am because I’m not as big as a great dane, and only a bit bigger than a lab.  Either way, I’m a handsome fella that would really like to have a home to call my own, could that home be yours?


Permanent resident at Pearl’s Place

If you follow Pearl’s Place, you know who I am.  I am the shyest, quietest pup in the house and also the longest resident having been here since May 19, 2020.  I’m a senior gal, I WAS high heartworm positive, but now thanks to Lisa, I’m NEGATIVE!  I do have an enlarged heart though and have good days and bad days.  I’ve taken over Granny’s chair, well I guess it’s actually Honey’s chair now, and I love to sit there and watch the world go by, get a pet now and again and just be chill.  I still need to get spayed, but because of my enlarged heart and bad anxiety, we are going to hold off on that for now until I’m a little more chill.  I was at the vet last week and it stressed me out, so I need to recover from that before I go again!  I was really hoping to have my forever home one day, but I found it right here with Lisa and all the other dogs that come and go all day every day.  They don’t bother me a bit and I actually like the people around me because it will maybe make me not so nervous one day.

RIP Sweet Kona

It is with heavy heart that we had to let Kona cross the rainbow bridge.  Her cancer progressed quicker then we could imagine and it was discovered in her brain and lungs.    Such a hard loss and it reminds us to love and cherish every second we have with our babies.  Tomorrow is never promised. 

My name is Kona and I’m here at Pearl’s Place after a desperate plea from my mom for help.  My old family in Arizona was unable to care for me because I barked at everyone and was aggressive to other dogs.  They didn’t want to give up on me or take me to a shelter, so they searched and searched until Lisa at Pearl’s Place realized how special I was and agreed to bring me in.  My current mom, Tiffany, is so dedicated to me and making me better, she has been at Pearl’s Place morning and night to help with my care, and the care of others.  She is truly a hero in my eyes.  Since being at Pearl’s Place, I’ve shown no signs of bad behavior and it turns out I was just afraid of multiple dogs, strange people and places.  Unfortunately, I was just diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma, which is a very aggressive cancer in dogs.  I’ve had it removed from my ear and we are hoping we got it all, but if not, I will have to have another surgery that will cost almost $2,000.  This is a lot of money for my moms, and while I am not up for adoption, I would sure love to help them pay for my next surgery.  Please help in anyway you can, so if they can’t help me, they can help the next dog that needs them.  Thank you from the tip of my nose to the tip of tail! 

Sophie (Adopted)

How cute am I!!  I’m just a little girl, weighing in at 30lbs – small and compact! I was found as a stray in Lampasas and won the lottery when I was brought to Pearl’s Place.  I’m having special therapy baths to help my skin because I have a few spots that are a little sore, but I’ve had all my vaccinations, I’m heartworm negative, and I’m going to get spayed on May 26th so I don’t have any puppies – I’m enjoying my single life too much!  Even though I’m not spayed, I can still go to my forever home and Pearl’s Place will take care of the spay!  I love to play with other dogs and don’t have any problems with cats.   Come meet me and my new brothers and sisters – we would all love a place to call home for the summer! 

Friday (Adopted)

Hi…I’m Friday, I bet you think I’m going to be the loudest and funniest of the pups here at Pearl’s Place, but I leave that to my brother Tuesday – he’s a crazy one! .  I’m more of the shy quiet type – think of Eeyore and that’s who I am.  I don’t like a lot of fuss made over me because I’m really shy and honestly scared of strangers.  Once I get to know you though, I’m loving and loyal.  

I know my brother, Tuesday, told you about where we were found, so I’m not going to tell you again, but I’m so glad we got to come to Pearl’s Place when we did.  I was the last puppy to be picked up and spent a night by myself before they came back and got me the next day.  I missed my family so much and curled up with them as soon as I got here!  I was so excited to see everyone and I just wagged and wagged my tail. 

I would like everyone to know that I too am heartworm negative and have been neutered – no puppies from me – I’m a bachelor! 

If you are looking for a quiet boy, who is slow to trust, but oh so worth it, look no further then me, Friday, truly the best day of the week!  

Oh did I mention how handsome I am……  

Todd ( Adopted )

Don’t I look like a big teddy bear!!  My name is Todd and I was picked up by animal control in Temple on January 4.  I was good when they picked me up, I mean, come on, who doesn’t like a car ride!?  However, when I was put into my new kennel in the dog house I completely closed down and was terrified of everything.  I didn’t know where I was, why I was here and most importantly where my mom and dad were.  Sadly they didn’t come to get me, but I am so very lucky because I was rescued by Lisa here at Pearl’s Place and I can’t tell you how much I’ve changed!  In just two short hours, I went from terrified to being comfortable and happy!  I love to be around people, even though I do jump up because I’m so excited to see everyone, I get along with all the dogs here and even the cats!  Although I love being here with Lisa, I would really love to find a home really fast that I can call my own and settle down for the remainder of my very long life.  I’m heartworm negative, 1.5 years old, so still a baby and eager to learn new rules, tricks, go for car rides, play with other pups and be the center of your attention.  How about giving me a shot a new wonderful life, I promise you won’t regret it!!

Monday ( Adopted )

Hi, I’m Monday!  I came to Pearl’s Place on August 7, 2020 with my other brothers and sisters.  I will let you read Tuesday’s story about us, because he likes to be the leader of the pack and try to prove that Tuesday is the best day of the week….don’t tell, but we just let him go with it and humor him! 

I am the shy, quiet type and take a while to trust people.  I have a very interesting face and while I know I’m not the prettiest, I can assure you I’m way more beautiful on the inside if you would give me a chance.  I’m heartworm negative, which is the best for me because it means not only am I young, but I’m healthy too!  

I’ve seen lots of dogs come and go and I hope one day I will be able to find my furever home too.  Until then, I’m happy being here at Pearl’s Place because they gave me the gift of life! 

Roscoe ( Adopted )

Hi I am Roscoe.  Boy aren’t I cute – I know you’re jealous!  I used to live in Louisiana in a town called Baton Rouge.  My sister, Maxine, and I were picked up and sent to the local shelter where a wonderful person stepped in and broke us out!  We came to Texas to live at Pearl’s Place on October 25, 2020 and it was discovered that I have what looks to be chemical burn.  That just means the hair that I have is probably all that I’m going to get!  Can we just say I’m going to look like a big goofy Chinese crested dog with out the crest! LOL  Truly more like a white boxer with little hair, no shedding to worry about.

I’m not really a fan of being in my kennel with the door closed, but like being in there when the door is open – I like to make my own rules but am a very good boy with a very happy tail!  I will let you know when I need to go outside to potty or just hang out in the sun!  Because I don’t have a lot of hair, I do love my pajamas and laying in the sun because it keeps me warm and cozy!  So I learned the other day that I am low heartworm positive, but I’ve had the 12 month shot so those little suckers will be gone soon! 

Lisa, who looks after me, let’s me come and hang with her pack of dogs in the house – don’t tell her, but I have her suckered into letting me in the house just so I can curl up on the couch – my favorite place! 

Will you give me a chance at being your forever?

Tuesday (Adopted )

Hey, hey, hey!!  Tuesday is my name and playing is my game!  I’m probably the loudest and springiest of the bunch because Tuesday is not known for, well, anything!  Let’s face it, Tuesday is the day of the week that everyone forgets about, it’s after Monday, before Hump Day and Thursday is the big sister to Friday and then there’s Friday…we all know Friday is the most popular day of the week, but I’m here to change that! 

We were all found in Mexia, TX and have been at Pearl’s Place since August 7, 2020 suffering from demodectic mange and had no fur – thank goodness it was summer!  I was brought here with my other brothers and sister Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – how handy there were only 5 of us!   You can read their stories another time – this is all about ME! 

If you are looking for someone to run and play with, look no further then ME!!  I have lots of energy and love to play!  I get along with everyone and really like to be outside!  Sometimes, and don’t tell my foster Mom, but I will deliberately stay outside just so I can play longer then the other dogs do!! LOL 

My skin cleared up really well and then I went and got neutered– not sure what that means, but I’m pretty sure it’s a good thing because all dogs here at Pearl’s Place have to be “fixed”!  I’m heartworm negative and that’s a great thing!  

Do you have the energy to keep up with me!?  Come meet me and find out!  I will be shy at first, but once you get to know me, you will not be sorry!!