Pit Bulls

For those following my blog, you know I’ve only really been involved with Pearl’s Place for a few short months…but I’ve learnt so much from the health of a dogs skin, to the different personalities.  I’ve always been intimidated, scared, nervous, weary, whatever word you want to use, of pit bulls.  Purely because you hear the horror stories of them fighting and attacking.  There was a young boy in the town we lived at in Colorado that was mauled by a pit bull and it was touch and go as to whether he would survive or not.  He did survive for those that are wondering and went on to live a life that only others can dream of.  That made me even more nervous around the breed and I know, from being at Pearl’s Place, that animals sense your fears and hesitation, and that breed is no different. 

Fury, came to Lisa’s around the New Year and was your typical pit bull; huge head, short stocky body, cropped ears and a face that would scare anyone walking towards you.  When I first saw him, I told Lisa I was intimidated by him.  I didn’t say scared because I wasn’t, but only because of what I learned from Lisa, but there was still that part of me that was intimidated.  Lisa told me to just give him a chance, so I put on my big girl panties, and COVID has made sure they are bigger, and walked up to Fury with a hesitation.  I got down to his level and he gave me a big, beautiful kiss and rested his head on my lap.  From that moment on, I was putty in his big ‘ole paws!  He has the absolutely best temperament, is very affectionate, kind and such a sweet soul.  I will never know his story, and honestly, I don’t care.  He, like so many, is so loving and forgiving and whatever brought him into my life, I will be forever grateful.  

I have made a vow to NEVER judge a dog by a label, that’s the least we, as human’s, can do for them.  Give them a change to prove they are just as affectionate and loving as a lab, some even more so.  It truly isn’t the breed, but the human that makes a dog.

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