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Rusty took the nation by storm last week. We wanted to clarify his story and thank everyone for their support! Swipe through to read and how to help!

After over 400 days, Rusty was adopted and surrendered back to our shelter 3 times. Rusty made national headlines as the dog that “nobody wanted”. Rusty’s beautiful coat and adorable eyes stole the hearts of so many kind and optimistic people. However, Rusty is not perfect. No dog is.

The last family that adopted Rusty returned to the shelter the next day in tears. Rusty had nipped at them and they decided that he would not be a good fit in their home with small children. Rusty is dog-selective and experiences stranger danger. He is not the easy, cute, and cuddly dog that people imagine. And that’s okay! It was a difficult decision, but the family did the right thing by bringing Rusty back.

Our Executive Director, Dr. Paula, explains that our team sees it, “as a new opportunity for the animal. Every day or week out for the dog, and we get to learn more about that dog. We have a responsibility not to send that dog home with the wrong family.”

💛 Good News!
Our amazing non-profit rescue partner, Pearl’s Place, was able to take Rusty home to decompress and wait to find his furever home. We are so incredibly happy and thankful for them and everyone’s support with Rusty! Don’t forget, we have lots of other dogs at our shelter, and in every shelter in the country, who still need your help!

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