What is Rescue?

To each of us, Rescue means something different.  The definition is to save from a dangerous or distressing situation.  In the dog rescue world, there are those that save small dogs, big dogs, sick dogs, old dogs, injured dogs and the list goes on and on.  

Rescue started for me when I was young.  I wanted to take care of animals.  The sick animals on the farm, the starving horses in the winters in Vermont with no feed, the old animals that no one wanted.  Was I really rescuing them or were they rescuing me?  As I have gotten older, I have realized animals don’t have human emotions, we humans try to give our emotions to them.  Animals work off of instinct.  When they are sick or injured, they are still and allow themselves to heal.  They don’t take a handful of meds and keep going.  Animals when they break a limb don’t tell themselves “oh this hurts so bad, let me whine and cry and attract attention”!  Actually, it is the opposite.  Animals don’t like to show injury or pain because that would show them as weak in the eyes of a predator.

All that being said Rescue means something different to each of us involved.   

Rescue, to me is helping where ever I can.  It started for me at an early age, feeding the stray kitten that would get dropped off at the barn.  Laying with a baby calf or foal when they needed a little extra heat or attention.  

Rescue, to me now is helping the dogs that need healing not only their skin/coat, but the inside also.  

Rescue, to me, is sometimes being the one who actually needed rescuing.  Me, being the one that needed to take the time to sit quietly with a sick animal and understand that when it comes to life, we should always pick quality over quantity.   When we can’t be strong, be still. 

Rescue, to me is forgiving those who have done us wrong, hurt us or abandoned us.  Dogs are some of the best at teaching this lesson.  We hear so many times “he is this way because he is a Rescue!!!”  I couldn’t disagree more.  Dogs like humans are all born with a personality; shy, outgoing, ill tempered and the list goes on and on.  Even abused, abandoned or discarded dogs always look forward.  Very rarely have I ever seen them look back, unless of course a human gives them that excuse. 

So, what does Rescue mean to You?

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