Lisa’s Story – Where did it all start

To start in the beginning is to far back.  Let’s pick a date of the beginning of Pearl’s Place.

Pearl’s Place was named and started in 2013, I don’t remember to exact month or day.  Does time really matter?

I have always loved to Underdogs, less fortunate, older animals.  Guess they just hit my heart in the way that newborns hit others.

My daughter Julia and I would pull older or pregnant dogs from the shelter.  I loved the larger older dogs and she loved the small pregnant dogs and helping welp puppies.  So, So different we are. 

After Julia and her husband Ethan moved to Arkansas that left me at Pearl’s Place.  I have always been interested in the healing and wellness part of Rescue.  The starved, scared, sick dogs.  

In 2018, I started my journey to becoming a Certified Pet Aesthetician and in 2019 I completed that certification through Iv San Bernard.  I was so unaware of what doors this would open up for me and Pearl’s Place.  

I started helping more dogs at first through my dog spa (Dirty Dogs Spaw).  We offered top of the line shampoo/conditioners specifically designed for different coat types or skin/coat issues.  We also offered Skin Therapy and Hydro-massage Ozone Baths, Dirty Dogs Spaw being one of the few in the whole State of Texas. 

March of 2020 Covid-19 hit and we were shut down for grooming.  We kept working on our Therapy dogs because without skin care all the work we put in would go backwards.  All of our boarding client cancelled because no one was allowed to travel, The Dog House was empty.   

Covid-19 shut down a lot of businesses.  The shelters where closed and the only way for a dog to leave the shelter was through a Rescue.  At that time we teamed up with Journey Home Rescue and started pulling dogs.  Pearl’s Place housed, groomed and loved on them. Journey Home did all of the adoptions.  

In June of 2020 I traveled to Utah to attend a Lions Den Business Mastermind Group and my life was about to change again.  One of my biggest take aways was that I was a small thinker.  I was happy with my small business, helping as many dogs as time and money allowed.  I came to realize I want to leave so much more to the animals that have been so loyal to me.  I want to have a successful non-profit that educates and leads by example.  That being said the journey to Pearl’s Place becoming a non-profit 501(c)3 was started.

August brought the Mexia weekly.  I saw a post of this group of young dogs that appeared to have major issues.  Me being me I commented you get them here and we will take care of them!!!!  After making the commitment, I said to Macey what have I just done?  Thinking in the back of my mind that they could all be grown dogs.  Thank goodness they were young pups that truly need us.  Little did I know we needed them also.

At the same time the Mexia pups arrived to Pearl’s Place I also got this message from this lady asking to come by and see the pups.  When dogs first come in they need to be isolated and having someone I don’t know coming to see them is a tough decision.  I said yes and Debbie Cotton walked into mine and all the Pearl’s Place dogs lives. 

Little did I know that a dear friend and Rescue buddy would develop from that first meeting.  

Oh the stories we have to tell!!!!

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